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Hotels, Lodges, and B & B’s: Clean & Sanitize for 100% Customer Satisfaction

The best customer is the repeat customer and it’s a proven fact that a cleanroom ranks highest for satisfaction.

Hotel facilities need to ensure complete room sanitation after each customer change, offering every guest a sanitized, clean, and peaceful environment without germs and bacteria. It is essential to clean and sanitize linens, carpets, pillows, curtains, and in particular, those places that are usually more difficult to clean, such as closet interiors or the headboard where dust, crumbs, and dirt accumulate. An excellent sanitation routine eliminates the bacterial charge of the previous customers and restores an uncontaminated environment ready to welcome new guests.

Hotel cleaning, room sanitation, and hygiene in common areas are crucial and fundamental for hotels, B&Bs, chalets, and resorts. People who travel often for business or pleasure know best: There is nothing better than feeling at home even when you are traveling.

The US Steamvac products ensure sanitation of:

  • Mattresses: Eliminate bed bugs and stains
  • Carpets: Clean, sanitize, deodorizer, and remove stains
  • Floors: Marble, tile, hardwood, parquet, or carpeted floors
  • Toilets
  • Upholstery
  • Kitchens

A great model to choose for hotels, motels, and bed and breakfast locations is the Blue Evolution.

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