Learn about our electrostatic sprayers

This webinar as a full introduction to the electrostatic sprayers

If you have already watched enough and want to order your own you can do so here. These are in high demand now as you can imagine. We have some models available soon and more on backorder. So make sure you get your order in if you want one of these great sprayers.

The time is now to place your reserve order for these amazing electrostatic sprayers.

The estimated delivery time now is for June-August but the manufacturer is working hard to increase capacity.

So get your order in now. We will honor refunds prior to the shipment date upon request.

These units are amazing. On one single charge, they can cover 2,800 square feet almost 22 times. That is nearly 22 tank refills full of product. Over 60,000 sq ft that can be covered in a single charge.

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