Cleaning Mass Transit

Mass Transit: Planes, Trains & Automobiles

With the innovative US SteamVac steam cleaning systems, you can achieve efficient interior cleaning and disinfecting of mass transit vehicles. The professional equipment combines several steps in one, saving both time and money.

The cleaning of carpets, plastic floors, or other floor coverings is no problem thanks to SPVac Technology utilizing dry vapor steam cleaners with the integrated vacuum system. The combined work steps ensure fast and thorough cleanliness and sanitation in cars, trucks, buses, and trains.

The US SteamVac steam cleaning systems are indispensable for the cleaning of your fleet of vehicles. This device is very useful for rental car companies, taxis, and for used and new vehicle preparation for car dealerships. The manageability and versatility of the interchangeable attachments make our cleaning systems the best addition to your fleet this year.

The steam cleaners require very little water and work without the addition of harsh chemicals.

Cleaning the Inside of the Vehicle

Heaters and air conditioners are reservoirs for germs.  Steam cleaners protect the health of your passengers: 99.9% of germs are killed during the cleaning process by dry steam and the UVC blue light in the water filter.

Upholstery covers can be hygienically cleaned as well, and dry steam reduces the drying and service life of the upholstery or leather.

Narrow passenger spaces are particularly difficult to clean. The compact professional cleaners from US SteamVac have 6-8 meter long hoses that offer flexibility, handiness, and maneuverability.

Benefit from the cleaning performance of US SteamVac professional devices. Dry steam kills 99.9% of all germs on surfaces. All of the dirt ends up completely in the water filter and is then irradiated by the UVC lamp. As a result, the germs are reduced from the intake air, and then fresh air is expelled through the HEPA filter.

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