About Us

Mother Nature is the Boss.  If you try to force her, cheat, or make her house dirty – it’s not going to bode well.  That’s why we love steam.  Steam is simply a natural product of mother earth and with innovation and creativity – that natural clean process is now available in a 22 lbs package.  From first glance, we knew there was something special about these cleaning machines. Let us help you Lighten Up Your Cleaning and help you get back to enjoying life while the machine gives your home or business an easier cleaner solution.  And give Mother Nature a break from all the needless chemicals.

US SteamVac Vision

1. Increase play time and decrease cleaning time.

2. Improve the hygiene and cleanness everywhere we go: gym, yoga, daycares, hospitals, fitness centers, our homes, and of course planes, trains and automobiles (love that movie!).

3. Eco-friendly living by reducing water usage and eliminate harmful chemicals leeched into the environment. Our machines reduce water by 93% with steam verses water, plus the steam kills 99.9% of bacteria.

4. AND stop spreading germs with those gross mops that contaminate rather than clean.

Call, text, or an email – always happy to talk about steam cleaning.

Phone or text:  833.220.8658
Email: erin@ussteamvac.com

About the Owner.  Erin turned to natural steam because of her first hand knowledge and experience with climate change in the Arctic and is now dedicating her professional career to encouraging less chemicals, less single use plastic containers, and a healthier way to live.  Steam is the only thing that takes care of the BBQ, hardwood floors, and vehicles.  She firmly believes “Think Globally.  Act Locally.” 

We can all make a difference by using natural steam to clean.  Her steam vision is to reduce toxic chemicals discharged into our water ways; less exposure to harmful cleaning products, conserve water, and drastically reduce single use plastic cleaning containers dumped into landfills.  Erin has authored 5 technical papers regarding sustainable development of Arctic natural resources and considered an industry leader for innovative ways to protect the environment while developing oil and gas reserves.

Visiting the German Engineering Factory

Celebrating 30-years of quality Italian manufacturing from TPA s.p.a and detailed German engineering from beam – a team you can trust.

US Steam Vac only offers high quality machines that we service and support in the USA.

Our steam-vac machines are made of the highest quality materials including dual stainless steal boilers, brass fittings, and durable plastic parts.  This is German engineering at it’s finest.

Steam mops are just wet mops – not even close to steam and do very little with regards to disinfection.  They’ve got small water tanks, cheap parts, limited accessories and are more trouble than they are worth.

We offer innovative, quality, state-of-the-art steam cleaners with integrated vacuums. Once you go with Steam-Vacs you wont go back to the traditional mop and bucket.

Enjoying the German Alps with my Beam friends!

Eco-Friendly Cleaning

Not only do we offer state-of-the-art, high quality steam vacuum machines, we believe that Steam is the Cleaner Solution and we proudly support eco-friendly, chemical-free cleaning, and water conservation.

Start thinking about tomorrow today.

Think globally and act locally.

Learn More why steam is the cleaner solution.