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Removing tree sap from an RV: chemical-free & easy.

Removing tree sap from a camper with steam cleaning

Camper trailers, by their very nature, are exposed to all sorts of outdoor elements. When parked under trees, they can often build up a layer of nearly impossible to remove dirt, tree sap, pollen, and more. If you’ve ever tried to hand-scrub well-seasoned tree sap, you know it’s a frustrating & sticky situation.

Tree sap is a pain to remove from your camper roof! The power of steam is a chemical-free, easy way to get your RV clean from stubborn pollen & sap stains.  And won’t flood your yard or driveway with dirt sticky waste water like a power washer.

What chemicals remove pine tree sap from an RV?

Chemicals can barely put a dent into removing tree sap. Take from someone who has tried –  multiple bottles of cleaning chemicals and a lot of hand-scrubbing while wearing protective gloves – still tree sap.

Steamvac machine cleaning a camper

And many of the mass marketed harsh cleaning chemicals aren’t cheap – plus they’re terrible for the environment and oftentimes actually pretty bad for the long-term health of the fabric or surface they’re being used on.

Attempting to remove tree sap from the roof or sides of your RV using bleach requires copious quantities of rinse water, which will flood your driveway full of bleach. A vehicle roof is a large surface area and it’s oftentimes awkward to reach properly – you’ll most likely end up getting bleach on yourself, too, and anything else nearby.

So what’s the best way to clean set-in tree sap, pollen, and general outdoor grime of your camper? It might sound strange, but the answer is: superheated steam.

Why steam works to clean set-in or fresh tree sap off a camper roof

Want to know the trick to getting sticky tree sap off your outdoor recreational vehicles that doesn’t require constantly buying chemical refills? Harnessing the natural cleaning & anti-bacterial properties of hot steam.

Most of us know that steam has sanitizing properties – but not many people realize how darn effective and simple it is compared to mass-marketed cleaning isle chemical spray bottles and toxic bleach concoctions.

Did you know that many hospitals and restaurants actually rely on steam cleaning technology to sanitize and maintain cleanly, sterile environments? Yeah – hospitals.

Steam cleaning machines, when used properly, destroy bacteria and remove built-up dirt and other stains from many surfaces – including the roof of your camper – while only using water, temperature, and relatively light pressure.

Even though your bucket of soapy hot water seems ineffective against old, dried sap, using a proper steam cleaning machine takes it to a whole new level and works wonders on many types of surfaces.

Steam cleaning machines can be extremely effective against removing pine tar and other tree saps from a variety of surface types. And contrary to some misconceptions, steam cleaning is actually safe to use on even many delicate surfaces – like cleaning mold off awnings or cleaning the camper upholstery. And since you’re only using water (which is converted to steam inside the machine), you don’t need to worry about chemicals reacting with certain surface types or keeping dangerous chemicals locked up for long-term storage.

Stop ruining your camper topper and interiors with chemicals that might be too abrasive for the paint or fabric – it might be time to try steam cleaning. The environment will thank you.