Patents for Safer and More Reliable Steam Cleaning

Studying a cleaning system is not a simple thing: it requires skills, analysis, and passion. The main goal of our R&D team is to meet the expectations and needs of our customers by continuously improving the performance and technology applied to the products. Design and development skills enable our engineers to realize more secure and performing technical solutions. The result of such work guarantees the end user easier cleaning tasks, not only for domestic chores, but also professional cleaning of nearly all surfaces. Our professional cleaning machines are designed and patented in order to allow those who use them to get the maximum results with minimum effort.

Electronic Probe

This patented probe is an excellent tool that allows you to monitor the correct level of water in continuous charging boilers. It’s a great help to test the limestone level within the system. Simply unscrew it to easily remove limestone and avoid support costs.

Zero Volt Handle

The Zero Volt Handle ensures the highest safety standards for the user thanks to a pneumatic air system. It avoids the risk of contact with any type of electric current by removing all electrical connections between the machine and your hand – an uncompromising security feature.

UV-C System

Our devices are equipped with a UV-C rays generator. This technology allows you to effectively fight and destroy bacteria, viruses, spores, fungi, molds, and dust mites by preventing their proliferation and spread.

Superior Water Filter

In today’s market there are multiple water filter solutions but non of them have a constant filtering in all conditions of use such as on floors or upholstered furniture. Our special water filter has an interior molecular separator, which allows for a constant filtration in every situation. This innovative system enhances filtering capabilities when high efficiency is required.

Exclusive Design

In our R&D department design went hand-in-hand with innovation. This is why the machine has no harsh lines or sharp angles that could cut or injure the user. A patented design that is compact, minimalist, and elegant. Who said that industrial machines have to be unsightly?

Rain System

Our vacuum systems with water filters make use of Rain System Technology. This allows for dirt and dust to be sucked inside the tank and then taken up into a bell where two lateral nozzles atomize the water at high pressure in order for everything to collect at the bottom of the tank. The air flows out of the reservoir and begins its path towards the purification filters. The air passes through the final stage going through the HEPA filter that purifies the air to 99.9%.

Slalom System

Slalom System provides maximum freedom of movement in all the areas to be cleaned. The connection point located in the hose can be inserted directly into the steering function. This ensures greater maneuverability while using our machines.

Easy Clean System

The Easy Clean system allows a complete and effective cleaning of the filter system. The tank is designed to be removed and washed under running water. A practical solution to clean your machine in a few simple steps.