Charged Up About Reducing Cov-2

Keep your customers and employees safe with our professional eco-friendly disinfection equipment.

Or we’ll provide the cleaning service for you so you can get back to work

• Disinfecting with Superheated Steam for Chemical Free Cleaning
• Applying Natural Protectant with Electrostatic sprayer for 30-days Persistent Kill
• Testing to Make Sure Surfaces are Clean and Sanitized

Use of food industry grade, EPA registered disinfectants
Our Cleaning Methods are Safe for Our Staff and You.

Any locations, such as:
• Classrooms
• Daycare
• Assisted Living
• Restaurant Dining Areas
• Theaters
• Churches
• Fitness Centers
• Office Spaces
• Exam Rooms
• Yoga Studios
• And so much more

We’ve Got You Covered:
• Light switches
• Handrails
• Elevator buttons
• Door handles and entryway doors
• Restroom floors & fixtures
• Phones, keyboards and mouse
• Chairs (wood, fabric, plastic)
• Currents and Drapes
• Furniture of all makes and sizes
• Walls and Floors
And so much more

Let’s Wipe Away Your Cleaning Worries.
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Or Call Erin at 833-220-8658 for cleaning consultation, equipment and supplies – Worldwide

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