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Spark joy with a home that’s truly clean:

Seven Tips for Using the Power of Steam to enhance your KonMari Tidying

Since the publication of Marie Kondo’s book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing, her method of deep cleaning, decluttering, organizing, and intentional accumulation has at most, changed the way many live their lives, and at least led to some serious spring cleaning.

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The KonMari method requires you take all of your objects out to review one by one in five categories: clothes, books, papers, miscellany, and mementos. With all items removed from their usual hiding spots – ready to be decluttered – it’s the perfect time to deep clean your home with the simple, natural power of steam.

Deep cleaning with a SteamRover gives you an easy, chemical-free way to remove odors, disinfect, and prepare your storage spaces for the objects that spark joy.

1. Deep Clean Closets

With all of your wardrobe removed, this is the perfect time remove the dust and mildew smells that hide in these windowless spaces. Use your SteamRover to fully clean and disinfect the closet walls, fixtures, shelves, and flooring. The SteamRover’s dual water and HEPA filtration system will leave the surfaces and the air free from allergy-inflaming dust particles and ready to hold your streamlined wardrobe.

2. Sanitize Mattresses

Once your clothes have been expertly hung and folded, take the opportunity to steam clean your mattress. The SteamRover can sanitize the mattress, removing most stains, eliminating odors without harsh chemicals that often smell for days, and in extreme cases, killing bed bugs and their eggs.

3. Kill Germs in Kitchen Drawers and Cabinets

No matter how tidy we are in the kitchen, drawers and cabinets are a place where germs and stains love to hide. With all of your dinnerware and cooking utensils piled for sorting, take this opportunity to fully disinfect your kitchen. The SteamRover has even been approved by the FDA for commercial kitchens, so you can be certain that your kitchen will be completely sanitized without using chemicals.

4. Remove Dirt and Dust from Walls

With all of your art and photos removed from the walls, it’s a perfect time to use the SteamRover to remove dirt and dust from walls and baseboards. The SteamRover safely cleans painted surfaces, and the dual steam vacuum leaves walls clean and dry in one motion. For rooms with tall ceilings, the long handle extension allows you to easily reach every surface without a ladder.

5. Bring Life Back to Your Rugs

The SteamRover eliminates the need for expensive carpet cleaning. Your rugs can be returned to like-new quality with the dual steam and vacuum function. Remove stains, dirt, pet hair, and odor with one powerful tool (see cleaning homes with pet video).  Unlike carpet cleaners that saturate the carpet, the SteamRover uses 90% less water instead using superheated steam.  This allows you to clean your expensive rugs and not ruin the hardwood floor underneath.

6. Make Fixtures Sparkle

After time, our bathroom and kitchen fixtures lose their luster. The SteamRover removes calcium buildup and stains from metal, tile, porcelain, plastic and stainless steel without using harsh chemicals or abrasives.

7. Declutter Your Cleaning Supplies

While the KonMari method doesn’t specifically cover cleaning supplies, the SteamRover allows you to discard many of your chemical cleaners and cleaning tools. Rid your home of harsh and dangerous chemicals, and ineffective mops that simply redistribute dirt and dust. With a SteamRover, you can simplify cleaning, eliminate harsh chemicals, and clean much faster. With one machine, in one motion, you can clean, sanitize, and dry nearly any surface of your home.

Learn more about KonMari Method and Find a Consultant

Enjoy more family time and less cleaning time by de-cluttering using the KonMari Method.  Or find a KonMari consultant in your area.