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    SteamAlfa - Best kept secret

    The SteamAlfa - steam only machine - is the best kept secret in the world of quality Italian steam cleaners.  The rugged stainless steel housing, beautiful high gloss enamel finish sets a standard far above the cheap plastic knock offs. The moment you pick up this unassuming small portable machine you will know there is more to this package than meets the eye.  A stylish yet simple design for extraordinary ease of function. The SteamAlfa is perfect for the homeowner as it includes quality components and accessories sold in machines 3x the price, making this the best deal on the market.
    • 302 F Boiler Temp - generating superheated steam - not just hot water
    • 4.5 Bar 65 PSI
    • 1500 W Commercial grade stainless boiler
    • 2 liter capacity for extended use
    • very light and portable
    • compact size fits in any closet: 13 x 10 x 8 inches
    • Convenient 8 Ft. long hose
    • Pressure gauge to confirm your machine is operating as designed and advertised
    • High Gloss enamel stainless housing for high durability

    Standard Accessories include:

    • 2 Extension wands
    • 1 Bristled floor brush with clips
    • 1 Floor brush glider
    • 1 Window Squeegee
    • 1 Triangle brush with clips
    • 1 Jet nozzle
    • 1 3 Hole jet nozzle
    • 1 medium round brush
    • 1 triangle medium brush
    • 1 Fill bottle
    • 2 fill bottle tops
    • 10 mixed detail brushes
    • 2 microfiber towels
    • 1 Stainless Scrubbier
    • 1 Large cotton floor towel
  • This Reliable garment steam provides professional cleaning at your home.  This inexpensive way to dry clean your clothes without harsh chemicals or trips to the dry cleaners was inspired by a simple desire to offer unparalleled ‘tough as nails’ performance in a commercial grade garment steamer within a beautiful exterior. Equally at home put to work in a retail-clothing store as it is in the master bedroom. The garment steamer has the guts for your garment steaming glory. Buy it once and buy the best. The Reliable garment steamer will not let you down. Delivering powerful steam and able to withstand the rigours of all-day, everyday use - this is a powerful workhorse and a delight to use. SPECIFICATIONS : 
    • HEAD TEMPERATURE 180°F 82° C
    • ANTI-SPILL CAP Standard
    • STEAM HEAD Metalhead with wood handle
    • STEAM HOSE Super-Flex PVC
    • NET WEIGHT 13.4 lb 6.1 kg
    • SHIPPING WEIGHT 15.9 lb 7.2 kg
    • PRODUCT DIMENSIONS 16.5” x 11.5” x 70” 42 x 29 x 178 cm
    • SHIPPING DIMENSIONS 18.3” x 13.6” x 14.4” 46.5 x 34.5 x 36.5 cm
    • WARRANTY 3 Year Limited
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    Steamatic: The Disinfector (80 psi, 323°F)


    SPVac® Technology (Steam-Pressure-Vacuum) All-in-One Machine simplifies your cleaning.

    "The Steamatic makes cleaning easier - almost makes you want to clean more." Fitness gym owner "Originally bought the Steamatic to clean rubber gym floors because the mop was not cleaning nor disinfecting - but now I love my steamer so much I use it at home too!" F45 gym owner

    Cleaning without chemicals and kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria - all with one machine.

    Clean nearly any surface, like hardwood floors, tile and grout, upholstery, and rubber floors... the list is endless. Reduce your cleaning time and effort up to 60% because the Steamatic easily loosens dirt with steam and pressure then the extraction absorbs the dirt in one simple motion.  Clean, sanitize, dry - one motion, one machine!


    • Safe for hardwood floors thanks to innovative steam control
    • Perfect for tile and grout, rubber gym mats, and showers
    • Clean upholstery, leather or fabric furniture, even steam clean your clothes
    • Ergo-handle with integrated steam and vacuum control
    • Vacuum is an innovative water filtration system
    • Zero chemicals. Zero dusty waste bags. Zero stinky expelled air from vacuum
    • Rapid heating system (3-minutes)
    • Boiler can be continuous refilled
    • Electronic shutdown - running out of water wont hurt the system
    • Very portable and easy to maneuver
    • Allergy friendly - water and HEPA filter rather than chemicals
    • Environmentally friendly - up to 90% water savings
    • Time friendly – clean, disinfect, and dry in one cleaning motion
    • 80 psi for home cleaning, DIY shops or light commercial applications
    • Choose standard 110 volt power or 220 volt for faster boiler recharge time
  • Carico Clean Machine Multi-purpose Steam & Vacuum All-in-One 

    Reduce allergies and at the same time clean, sanitize, and dry nearly all your home surfaces such as hardwood floors, tile and grout, upholstery, endless... Stop spreading germs and increasing allergies with a mop and vacuum. Now you can lighten up you cleaning with one machine. This is an innovative, multi-purpose cleaning machine that's both a powerful vacuum and steam generator that extracts both solids and liquids at the same time leaving the surface clean and dry. The Clean Machine also reduces environmental allergies thanks to the advanced water filtration system.
    • Super light, compact, and quiet
    • Safe for hardwood floors, rubber floors, leather furniture, tile and grout
    • Deodorize dog beds, sanitize mattresses, clean window blinds
    • Very simple descaling system for easy maintenance
    • 80 psi (5 bar) of steam pressure
    • 318°F (155°C) Dry steam temp
    • Continuous refill with zero pressure loss
    • Vacuum includes water filter
    • Steam flow adjustment
    • Innovative steering system for amazing mobility
    • Light and easy to use ergo-handle
    • Ergo-handle keeps vacuum and steam control at your finger tips
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