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    BlueEvolution S+: 3 in 1 Machine

    SPVac® Technology - Dry Vapor Steam-Pressure-Vacuum, All-in-One Machine

    Plus ultraviolet light for germ-free waste disposal. The all-in-one partner for professional cleaning. The innovative BlueEvolution S + with integrated vacuum and interchangeable attachments offer a variety of uses for cleaning regular areas and hard-to-reach places. Without any chemicals, alone with dry vapor steam, the BlueEvolution systems remove 99.9% of all germs on surfaces. A built-in water filter UVC light further reduces the germs extracted from the surface for bacteria-free waste disposal. This makes the BlueEvolution steam vac the cleaner solution for HACCP-certified and is certified by the USA NSF for sanitation in the food industry.

    BlueEvolution S+ Features

    • Pressure = 117 psi (8 bars)
    • Dry Vapor Steam Temp: = 347°F (175°C)
    • Safety handle with integrated steam jet and vacuum control
    • Ergonomically designed handle for ease of operations and control
    • HACCP-qualified and NSF-certified
    • Proven to reduce HAIs.
    • Dual boiler for rapid heating and continuous refill during operations
    • Innovative easy descaling system™
    • Germ killing UVC light™ in extraction tank for bacteria free waste disposal
    • Compact design and quality 360° casters for excellent mobility
    • 30-years of engineering and manufacturing – quality and reliability you can trust
    • Available in 1700 watt (110 volt) or superior 3400 watt (220 volt)
    After cleaning and sanitizing with steam, we recommend Chitosan Antimicrobial protection.  Applied correctly, this EPA approved solution provides an invisible film that inhibits mold, germs, and bacteria from living or surviving for weeks.  Chemical cleaning does not provide protection if someone is sick, so to reduce the risk of spreading germs while your business is open - choose the protection of natural, non-toxic Chitosan.  Safe for porous or non-porous surfaces and textiles.  Learn more by calling 833-220-8658.