• blue_evolution_steam_cleaner

    BlueEvolution S+: 3 in 1 Machine

    SPVac® Technology - Dry Vapor Steam-Pressure-Vacuum, All-in-One Machine

    Plus ultraviolet light for germ-free waste disposal. The all-in-one partner for professional cleaning. The innovative BlueEvolution S + with integrated vacuum and interchangeable attachments offer a variety of uses for cleaning regular areas and hard-to-reach places. Without any chemicals, alone with dry vapor steam, the BlueEvolution systems remove 99.9% of all germs on surfaces. A built-in water filter UVC light further reduces the germs extracted from the surface for bacteria-free waste disposal. This makes the BlueEvolution steam vac the cleaner solution for HACCP-certified and is certified by the USA NSF for sanitation in the food industry.

    BlueEvolution S+ Features

    • Pressure = 117 psi (8 bars)
    • Dry Vapor Steam Temp: = 347°F (175°C)
    • Safety handle with integrated steam jet and vacuum control
    • Ergonomically designed handle for ease of operations and control
    • HACCP-qualified and NSF-certified
    • Proven to reduce HAIs. Learn more from CDC.
    • Dual boiler for rapid heating and continuous refill during operations
    • Innovative easy descaling system™
    • Germ killing UVC light™ in extraction tank for bacteria free waste disposal
    • Compact design and quality 360° casters for excellent mobility
    • 30-years of engineering and manufacturing – quality and reliability you can trust
    • Available in 1700 watt (110 volt) or superior 3400 watt (220 volt)