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  • SteamMAX - Commercial Vapor Steam Power Washer

    Dry Vapor Steam Pressure Washer with Wet/Dry Vac, 145 psi, 363°F

    If we talk about water conservation, efficiency and productivity, SteamMAX excels over all other traditional power or pressure washers. This cleaning system NEVER looses pressure or temperature - built for all day use and high efficiency cleaning of mass transit systems, seafood and food processing plants, breweries, and so much more. Dry vapor steam is the only eco-friendly way to clean parts and equipment without chemicals, 93% less water, and won't create a huge wet mess. What little water and dirt does hit the floor is easily cleaned up with SteamMAX's powerful integrated wet/dry vacuum with HEPA filter. Unlike standard power washers, SteamMAX's work area is clean, dry, and chemical-free, which lowers employees health risks and reduces slip hazards. SteamMAX uses dry vapor steam, not water, which is very important in areas with water conversation initiatives.  SteamMAX is also environmentally superior because it does not generate greasy waste water that clogs disposal systems and pollutes the storm drains that flow into our rivers and streams. Start using SteamMAX and stop flooding your shop or equipment yard with hundreds of gallons of dirty, greasy wasted water.
    • SPVac® Technology (Steam-Pressure-Vacuum)
    • Three power and steam adjustments up to 363°F Steam, 145 psi pressure
    • Quickly and easily clean parts, equipment, machinery, engines - from inside the shop!
    • Dry Vapor Steam uses 93% less water than traditional pressure washers
    • High capacity tanks or use water connection for continuous use
    • Reduce slip hazards - no wet floors
    • Reduce operating costs - no chemicals needed
    • Reduce environmental impact by not send gallons and gallons of greasy waste water into the storm drain
    • Get LEED credits through water conservation
    • Precision attachments for critical, hard to reach areas
    • Multiple attachments for big or small projects
    • Available in 9 kW or 20 kW
    • 480 volt, 3-phase power