Steam, Pressure, wet/dry Vac (65 psi, 311°F)

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    Steam Vacuum Cleaner - SteamRover

    Steam & Vacuum All-in-One Multi-Purpose Cleaning Machine

    Reduce allergies and at the same time clean, sanitize, and dry nearly all your home surfaces such as hardwood floors, tile and grout, upholstery, endless... Stop spreading germs and increasing allergies with a mop and vacuum. Now you can lighten up you cleaning with one machine. SteamRover is a multi-purpose cleaning machine that's both a powerful vacuum and steam generator that extracts both solids and liquids at the same time leaving the surface clean and dry. SteamRover also reduces environmental allergies thanks to the dual water and HEPA filtration system.
    • Super light, compact, and quiet
    • Safe for hardwood floors, rubber floors, leather furniture, tile and grout
    • Deodorize dog beds, sanitize mattresses, clean window blinds
    • Very simple machine cleaning (Easy Clean System™)
    • 65 psi (4.5 bar) of steam pressure
    • 311°F (155°C) Dry steam temp
    • Continuous refill with zero pressure loss
    • Vacuum includes BOTH water filter and HEPA filters.
    • Steam flow adjustment
    • Slalom™ Steering System for amazing mobility
    • Light and easy to use ergo-handle
    • Ergo-handle keeps vacuum and steam control at your finger tips
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