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ATP Biofilm Contamination Meter

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  • Inexpensive tool to a highly efficient cleaning verification program
  • Highly Sensitive adenosine triphosphate (ATP) Meter
  • Results in 15-seconds
  • Luminometer (Detects 0.01 Femtomoles of ATP)
  • Used in Conjunction with Ultrasnap and Aquasnap ATP Swabs
  • Ideal for Hygiene Testing in Food and Beverage, Water Quality, Healthcare Industry and More
  • Learn more about Healthcare benefits of a cleaning verification program with ATP.
  • Learn how ATP Cleaning Verification Study Summaries 1117  can help your facility.
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ATP Swabbing

The ATP Meter can detect biological contamination in water and on surfaces by measuring adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the universal energy molecule found in all animal, plant, bacteria, yeast and mold cells. Residues, particularly food or organic residue, contain large amounts of ATP. When left on a surface, residues can harbor and grow bacteria, cause cross-contamination, develop biofilm and many other problems.

The ATP meter measures contaminates at the location and display results numerically in Relative Light Units (RLU) by using bio-luminescence

technology. Thygiena-rlu.jpghe contamination results are easy to understand. Higher the RLU, higher the ATP and vice versa.

After cleaning a surface, the amount of ATP present should be significantly reduced. You can use the ATP meter, along with Ultrasnap and Aquasnap swabs to test whether your hygiene routines are working or not.

What is SystemSure?

This state of the art sanitation monitoring system which uses adenosine triphosphate (ATP) for hy