ATP Biofilm Contamination Meter

ATP Biofilm Contamination Meter


  • Inexpensive tool to a highly efficient cleaning verification program
  • Highly Sensitive adenosine triphosphate (ATP) Meter
  • Results in 15-seconds
  • Luminometer (Detects 0.01 Femtomoles of ATP)
  • Used in Conjunction with Ultrasnap and Aquasnap ATP Swabs
  • Ideal for Hygiene Testing in Food and Beverage, Water Quality, Healthcare Industry and More
  • Learn more about Healthcare benefits of a cleaning verification program with ATP.
  • Learn how ATP Cleaning Verification Study Summaries 1117 can help your facility.
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ATP Swabbing

The ATP Meter can detect biological contamination in water and on surfaces by measuring adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the universal energy molecule found in all animal, plant, bacteria, yeast and mold cells. Residues, particularly food or organic residue, contain large amounts of ATP. When left on a surface, residues can harbor and grow bacteria, cause cross-contamination, develop biofilm and many other problems.

The ATP meter measures contaminates at the location and display results numerically in Relative Light Units (RLU) by using bio-luminescence technology. The contamination results are easy to understand. Higher the RLU, higher the ATP and vice versa.

After cleaning a surface, the amount of ATP present should be significantly reduced. You can use the ATP meter, along with Ultrasnap and Aquasnap swabs to test whether your hygiene routines are working or not.

What is SystemSure?

This state of the art sanitation monitoring system which uses adenosine triphosphate (ATP) for hygiene monitoring. An increase in ATP in the system means a decrease in over-all sanitation. SystemSure comes with a luminometer which is a device that reads and analyzes data using photons or the power of light.

Why do we need to verify cleanliness?

When we clean building and areas hundreds of square meters big, some surfaces tend to get neglected and micro-organisms start growing unchecked. Sometimes there is also a decreasing standard which should be monitored from time to time. We have found out through several studies that up to 34% of surfaces do not get cleaned. However when a cleaning verification system is put in place, the cleaning compliance increases by 42%. This is because hygiene monitoring creates a better sense of awareness of how dirty or clean a place is. It also creates a more objective description to the word “clean.”

How does the System Plus work?

Using the Ultrasnap or Aquasnap sample collection devices, you collect a sample from the surface area or water that you want to test. When the sample is brought into contact with Hygiena’s unique, liquid-stable luciferase/luciferin reagent in the Ultrasnap or device, light is emitted in direct proportion to the amount of ATP present in the sample. The system measures the amount of light generated and provides information on the level of contamination of the sample in just seconds. The higher the reading, the more contamination present.

Assessing the cleanliness of a surface immediately after cleaning ensures contamination has been removed. Depending on the industry, this system will help product quality, extend product shelf life, prevent cross-contamination, enable immediate corrective action and/or avoid recalls.

ATP hygiene meter provides accurate and traceable verification of the hygienic status of a surface or water, which is a key component of a good hygiene program. ATP testing is a universally recognized tool used by large Blue Chip companies along with medium and small-sized businesses for measuring the hygienic status of surfaces and water in order to ensure product consistency and safety.

Benefits of ATP Meter

  • Optimizes and verifies that cleaning procedures are working
  • Ensures product quality and extends product shelf life
  • Optimizes chemical/sanitizer usage
  • Assists in developing and improving certain HACCP procedures
  • Protects brand and reputation
  • Most cost-effective ATP hygiene monitoring system available

Instrument Design of ATP Meter

  • Small, lightweight, handheld instrument (0.57 lbs., 7 x 18. x 3 cm)
  • Durable outside shell and sealed keypad to battle against splashes and the environment
  • Advanced photodiode technology
  • AA battery powered (lasts up to 3000+ tests)
  • PC compatible via RS232 cable or USB
  • Simple to use, menu-driven operation from keypad
  • Engineered for durability and intensive use

Testing Devices Used In Conjunction With ATP Meter

  • Ultrasnap ATP surface test
  • Aquasnap ATP TOTAL water test
  • Aquasnap ATP FREE water test
  • CCK-4 Biomass Kit


  • SURE-Trend – Result Database Management Software

Additional Accessories

  • Protective Carrying Case
  • Calibration Control Kit
  • Positive Control Kit


  • Original Warranty: one year parts and labor
  • Optional – Additional 1 year warranty
  • Optional – Additional 2 year warranty
  • Optional – Additional 3 year warranty

Choosing the SystemSure

Now why choose an ATP meter instead of other means of cleaning verification? The following are the different ways to verify cleanliness and their corresponding pros and cons.

  1. Visual Inspection – This is the easiest one to do, but it is hardly accurate and there is so much on the surface that is invisible to the naked eye.
  2. Black-Light Verification – This is also an easy surface test to use and fast. However it may be difficult to quantify the degree of sanitation and there is great investment into further testing and training of personnel.
  3. Micro-biologic Verification – This test would have to be one of the most accurate and specific. However it involves very high costs of man-power and equipment needed. The test isn’t also as easily and quickly administered.
  4. ATP Verification – Usage of an ATP meter, however, would bring everything together. It is not only easy and fast to use but it is also cost efficient and there is minimal training needed.

Healthcare Benefits of ATP Testing