Compact Air Filter & Ozone Generator

Compact Air Filter & Ozone Generator

Easily Provide Clean AirVital to your health

“Indoor air pollution is one of the greatest threats to public health of any and all environmental problems.“ – EPA

EVERY DAY WE BREATHE 17,000 TIMES, here is how pure air help you

  • Improves brain’s ability to function
  • Helps to improve concentration.
  • Boosts learning abilities.
  • Gives a sense of happiness and improves attitude.
  • Promotes better sleep.
  • Reduces allergy flare-ups and better respiratory health.
  • Helps to keep your immunity up against illnesses

Breathe easy while we quietly take care of harmful contaminates

This compact air purification was first introduced back in 1994, well ahead of all major retailers. Since then this unit has refined and increased our technology and today offer the finest portable air purifier on the market. The Compact Air Purification System offers 6 complete stages that utilize the 5 most advanced technologies in the world to address the 3 major contaminant groups that affect indoor air quality.


  • Dust
  • Dead skin
  • Fibers
  • Animal & human hair


  • Off gassing from furniture, carpets, wall covering materials, paints
  • Pesticides
  • Household chemicals


  • Bacteria
  • Viruses
  • Mold & fungi

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Our Deluxe and Compact Air Purifiers not only remove large particle matter like dust (PM10), but also eliminates odors caused by wildfire smoke (PM2.5), as well as capture ultrafine and nanoparticles less than 0.1 µm in diameter, like the Coronavirus.

The simple solution is finally here. Air purification systems that purify the air and cleans what other systems leave behind.

  • Purify 375 square feet twice per hour.
  • Available in 110V only.
  • Height: 13.75″
  • Width:  10.75″