Electrostatic Sprayer


Available on backorder

The time is now to place your reserve order for these amazing electrostatic sprayers.

The estimated delivery time now is for June-August but the manufacturer is working hard to increase capacity.

So get your order in now. We will honor refunds prior to the shipment date upon request.

These units are amazing. On one single charge, they can cover 2,800 square feet almost 22 times. That is nearly 22 tank refills full of product. Over 60,000 sq ft that can be covered in a single charge.

Call 833-220-8658 to place order.


Available on backorder



  • Patented electrostatic charge penetrates chemical providing a thin even spray pattern on all surfaces
  • Weighs only 5.9 lbs. with a full tank
  • Cordless convenience allows for effortless movement room to room
  • 3-in-1 nozzle lets you set the spray particle size to match your application
  • Easy Fill HDPE 33.8oz refillable tank allows you coat up to 2800 sq. ft. on 40 micron setting
  • Victory 16.8V Lithium-Ion battery allows you to run between 20-80 tanks on a single charge


  • (1) VP200ES Professional Cordless Electrostatic Handheld Sprayer
  • (1) VP20A Professional 16.8V 3400mAh Lithium Battery
  • (1) VP10 Professional 16.8V Battery Charger
  • (1) VP49 Nozzle Wrench
  • (1) VP50 3-in-1 Nozzle (40/80/110 Microns)
  • (1) Heavy Duty Water Resistant Carry Case
  • (1) VP30 Handheld 33.8oz Tank with Cap


Warranty1yr limited warranty
Battery16.8V 3400mAh Lithium-Ion
Weight3.8 lbs. (5.9 lbs. full)
LED LightYes
Optimum Spray Distance2 – 3ft
Tank Capacity33.8 oz.
Run Time4 hours
Nozzle Spray Sizes40 micron full cone, 80 micron full cone, 110 micron 120° fan
Charge Time90 Minutes
Flow Rate40 micron / 3.1 oz per minute 80 micron / 3.8 oz. per minute 110 micron / 10.5 oz. per minute


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