Large (400mm) Floor Nozzle Jet & Brush Kit

  • A complete floor kit with adapter (extension tube to large brush), double rubber insert, and the sliding insert. Buy the kit and save!
  • Large Floor Brush is standard accessory for the Blue Evolution S+ 220 Volt or XL+
  • The Regular Floor Brush comes with the 65-psi SteamMatic (red model). For ultimate flexibility have both the large and regular floor brushes readily available.
  • Both floor brushes work with all US SteamVac Products: BlueEvolution, SteamRover, SteamMatic, and the SteamPro.
  • One Hose. One Motion. One Machine. US SteamVac products are all you need to lighten up your cleaning. Go SteamVac and you wont go back to a mop and bucket!!