Steamatic: The Disinfector (UV, 80 psi, 323°F)

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UV and SPVac® Technology (UV-Steam-Pressure-Vacuum) All-in-One Machine simplifies your cleaning.

“The Steamatic makes cleaning easier – almost makes you want to clean more.” Fitness gym owner

“Originally bought the Steamatic to clean rubber gym floors because the mop was not cleaning nor disinfecting – but now I love my steamer so much I use it at home too!” F45 gym owner

Cleaning without chemicals and kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria – all with one machine.

CDC recommends steam above all other types of disinfecting due to non-toxic, efficient, and low cost.  We’ve gone one step further and added UV light for thorough germ eradication.  Clean nearly any surface, like hardwood floors, tile and grout, upholstery, and rubber floors… the list is endless.

Reduce your cleaning time and effort up to 60% because the Steamatic easily loosens dirt with steam and pressure then the extraction absorbs the dirt in one simple motion.  Clean, sanitize, dry – one motion, one machine!


  • Safe for hardwood floors thanks to innovative steam control
  • Perfect for tile and grout, rubber gym mats, and showers
  • Clean upholstery, leather or fabric furniture, even steam clean your clothes
  • Ergo-handle with integrated steam and vacuum control
  • Vacuum is an innovative water filtration system
  • Zero chemicals. Zero dusty waste bags. Zero stinky expelled air from vacuum
  • Rapid heating system (3-minutes)
  • Boiler can be continuous refilled
  • Electronic shutdown – running out of water wont hurt the system
  • Very portable and easy to maneuver
  • Allergy friendly – water and HEPA filter rather than chemicals
  • Environmentally friendly – up to 90% water savings
  • Time friendly – clean, disinfect, and dry in one cleaning motion
  • 80 psi for home cleaning, DIY shops or light commercial applications
  • Choose standard 110 volt power or 220 volt for faster boiler recharge time

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UV-SPVac® Technology – Steam Pressure Vacuum, All-in-One Machine

The Steamatic automatically loosens dirt with steam and the vacuum absorbs it in one motion. Based on state-of-the-art technology, this Steamatic machine simplifies your cleaning and disinfecting needs with turbine technology and the unique descaling program. The Steamatic is the ideal device for the removal of heavy soiling. Attractive and functional design, the Steamatic is intended for cleaning operations in collective areas such as day cares, schools, and retirement home. It is an excellent addition to any home as well.

The multiple interchangeable attachments also clean hard-to-reach areas in the kitchen and bathroom. You will be amazed by the variety of applications on carpets, upholstery, window cleaning, and various floor coverings including hardwood, lament, and tile.

When cleaning tile joints and sticky kitchen floors, the Steamatic hot water module can be easily switched on from the ergo-handle. The integrated vacuum is controlled from the handle. It incorporates a patented rain system that extracts dirt from heavily soiled surfaces. It is currently the only machine in the steam industry with an automatic and user-friendly descaling program.

Steamatic is equipped with a high level of safety such as reinforced boiler insulation, an audible and visual alarm in case of lack of water, plus the thermostat protects against overheating, and the UL ensures electrical safety.

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Weight50 lbs
Dimensions25 × 17 × 24 in

5 reviews for Steamatic: The Disinfector (UV, 80 psi, 323°F)

  1. Mireya de la Pena

    I love my steamer! Originally bought it for cleaning a small fitness facility and now use it at home.
    It was perfect for cleaning and disinfecting the rubber flooring in the studio, equipment and bathrooms.
    At home I’ve used it on upholstery, carpets, tile and grout. My car is next!
    I highly recommend this steamer for effective disinfecting without chemicals. It is versatile, easy to use and very quick to dry.

  2. Justin Neff

    Easy to use and has a super simple clean up process when done. Made quick work of some pretty dirty sections of my gym. Love that is disinfects at the same time without all the chemicals!

  3. Erin (store manager)

    This machine is so versatile – always finding new ways to cleaning with steam.

  4. Denise Henderson

    I purchased the SteamMatic for use in my rental units and for the tile and area rugs in my home. It has proven to be invaluable for my rentals. I use to have to re-paint the units after every tenant moved out. When I used the steamvac on the walls, I couldn’t believe how great they looked. Saved me the high cost of painting!
    It’s also amazing on my floors and showers. I use to clean my area rugs outside with my old shampooer but now can do them in place because the steam is so efficient and the water is so well suctioned out. It’s a winner all around!

  5. Kate Henderson (verified owner)

    With two pets in the house we are constantly cleaning up hair and dirt. When I first cleaned our couches with the SteamVac it was a bit of a shock to see how much dirt was removed! I’m very impressed with how the SteamVac can clean so well without any chemicals. I’ve now used the SteamVac on pretty much everything in the house and I especially love how well it cleans our hardwood floors and showers!

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