SteamPro: Steam Shop-Vac (145 psi, 356°F)

SteamPro: Steam Shop-Vac (145 psi, 356°F)


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100 in stock

SteamPro: Super-Heated Steam SHOP-VAC (145 psi, 356°F)

“With the drastic reduction in toxic cleaning chemicals, the SteamPro pays for it’s self every 60 to 90-days” manager of 3 restaurants

“Use to take hours to clean the sticky floors of a dispensary – now it takes less than an hour – it’s a cleaning beast!” commercial cleaning service owner

“Cleaned graffiti off a stucco wall very easily without damaging the paint – SteamPro makes my job easier janitorial service employee

SteamPro is a high performance, efficient, multi-purpose cleaning system for professionals.

Do not just get a shop-vac!  Get a super-heated steam shop-vac!  Increase your cleaning power and efficiency by having a shop-vac, or steam cleaner, or a steam-shop-vac all in one. PLUS – add a detergent for super heavy duty cleaning.

You can choose a Hydrogen Peroxide solution for healthcare facilities or an approved chemical disinfect. The SteamPro is a professional machine dedicated to cleaning a wide range of environments or equipment and is designed to work all day long. SteamPro is compact, easy-to-handle, equipped with a heavy duty cart, and a handy storage basket for attachments.

The SteamPro is a high-performance cleaning machine equipped with largest capacity water and extraction tanks on the market. You can also easily adjust steam pressure up to 145 psi or the temperature up to 356ºF, and switch between detergents – right at your finger tips!  This versatile steam cleaner can be ordered with or without the integrated vacuum.

  • Max steam pressure = 145 psi
  • Max dry vapor steam temp = 356ºF
  • Sanitize and steam cleaning with hot water
  • Add a cleaning agents to the steam to boost your cleaning power
  • Heavy duty cart equipped with castors and directional locks
  • Control panel with pressure gauge and level indicators
  • Ergo-handle to adjust steam and pressure at your finger tips
  • Large capacity water and integrated shop-vac
  • Continuous refill boiler without losing cleaning time
  • Available with or without shop-vac
  • Available in 110 volt or 220 volt

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SPVac® Technology: Steam-Pressure-Vacuum. STEAM SHOP-VAC

SteamPro Hero version is the new super charged SHOP-VAC with super-heated dry vapor STEAM!  This unique Steam Shop-Vac is the complete cleaning machine! Clean quickly and efficiently by combining the properties of a high-pressure steam cleaner with a powerful shop-vac.  For those motor enthusiast – its ideal for cleaning tools, parts, equipment, trucks, cars, boats, motorcycles.  For commercial operations, it’s suitable to efficiently clean fitness centers, restaurants, kitchens, spas, hotels, grocery stores, and so much more.

Steam and Injection System

Although steam and pressure kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria, sometimes protocols require a cleaning agent, which is no problem for the SteamPro. The additive dry vapor and injection function of SteamPro guarantees cleaning and micro scratch-free treatment of stainless steel equipment, auto bodywork, glass surfaces, plastics, and vehicle rims in record time and with 90% less water. The liquid and vacuum system of this professional vacuum cleaner for professionals eliminates water and dust from textiles, leather, upholstery, floors, and nearly any surface.

A powerful machine

SteamPro steam and vacuum cleaner has 1700 watts of power, 145 psi PLUS a powerful 1200 watts built in shop vac.

An Ergonomic Steam Vac Cleaner

SteamPro Steam Shop-Vac is distinguished by its commercial-grade stainless steel compact design. The cart is equipped with multi-directional wheels providing maximum mobility. The cart is also cleverly designed to be easily disassembled by simply removing the rack and the storage basket. This makes it easy to load into most vehicles and utility trailers.


220V model available upon request.

100 in stock

100 in stock