Water Filter that Purifies

Water Filter that Purifies

Quality Water That’s Germ & Chlorine Free

For less than 10 cents per water bottle, you can eliminate the dependence on stores or deliveries for water and drastically reduce plastic waste.  The Carico patented Water Filtration System offers a complete line of advanced filters, for total protection against a variety of contaminants. The innovative inline water purification system includes a sub-micron ceramic cartridge and selective multi-stage absorbents for the most effective “point of use” filtration.

Very simple to install under the sink or on the counter.  We offer two sizes to meet your family needs:

  • 15-inch tall filter provides 1500 gallons of purified water (filter life approx. 2-3 years)
  • 20-inch tall filter provides 2000 gallons of purified water (filter life approx. 2-3 years)

Faster: No wasted time buying bottled water or waiting for deliveries – you’ll have safe water 24/7, regardless of pandemics

Better: You’ll enjoy reliable clean, fresh, chlorine and germ free water that taste fabulous

Cheaper: No more expensive deliveries or high priced single use plastic bottles

For less than $20 per month, a family of six can have pure, clean and safe drinking water every day all day.

Give us a call and let us help you drink great tasting, chlorine free water:  833-220-8658

Three Stages of Filtration

The secret is the unparalleled effectiveness of our unique “Multi Stage Filtration Cartridge”, utilizing a series of micro filtration devices and special absorbent compounds which are strategically layered for optimum results.

3 stages of filtration:

1) Ceramic removes germs and bacteria

2) Carbon removes bad taste, pesticides, chlorine, herbicides, VOC’s, arsenic and much more

3) Coconut carbon eliminates bacteria growth and any possible contaminates, and extends the life of the filter

Quality you can trust because our filters have undergone stringent testing and water filters exceeds industry standard tested and certified by the best:

  • American National Standards Institute (ANSI)
  • Water Quality Association

Reduce plastic bottle waste and forego expensive water delivery, and starting drinking AND cooking with great tasting water.

Comes with everything needed for install:

  • Hoses and fittings
  • And the Faucet
  • Simply connects to your water line under the sink.
  • DIY in 15-minutes.

For less than $20 per month, a family of four can have safe, pure water every day all day.

Watch this video to learn more or call us at 833-220-8658.