Candida auris: A dangerous germ resistant to drugs, destroyed by super-heated steam2019-04-13T11:23:50-08:00

Candida auris: A dangerous germ resistant to drugs, destroyed by super-heated steam

The New York Times published A Mysterious Infection, Spanning the Globe in a Climate of Secrecy, a startling article on the fungus Candida auris, which is at the center of the drug-resistant germ epidemic that’s killing people at increasingly alarming rates across the globe.

The story was disturbing, at best – terrifying, at worst. It featured interviews, statistics, indisputable facts & figures from reputable organizations & individuals – the Center for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC). Doctors. Hospital presidents. Well-respected professors & university studies.

The federal CDC has officially added Candida auris to its short list of germs that are considered “urgent threats” to public safety.

Yet the average American has never even heard the name “Candida auris” and has no idea what it’s capable of or how it might affect them in the near future.

“Nearly half of patients who contract C. auris die within 90 days, according to the C.D.C. Yet the world’s experts have not nailed down where it came from in the first place.”*

The global medical community and many reputable governments have known about the dangers of Candida auris for awhile now. But everyone seems to be afraid to discuss it publicly, because we’re a country that profits from healthcare remedies, not prevention. Perhaps even more important – it’s extremely difficult to eradicate or prevent.

“This hushed panic is playing out in hospitals around the world. Individual institutions and national, state and local governments have been reluctant to publicize outbreaks of resistant infections, arguing there is no point in scaring patients — or prospective ones.”*

But what many healthcare facilities surprisingly haven’t caught onto yet is that while this scary hospital-dwelling “super bug” is resistant to drug treatment and it can also outlive chemical cleaners (both surface sprays & air fumigators).  And equally surprising is how simple the solution is: Candida auris is destroyed on contact with super-heated steam.

This nasty fungus can survive when others can’t. It has evolved, building up a tolerance from years of using chemicals and drugs in an attempt to kill it. But something it hasn’t built a tolerance against is steam cleaning.

Commercial-grade steam-pressure-vacuum cleaning systems reach high enough temperatures to kill most germs, including Candida auris. They can effectively sanitize many surface areas like stainless steel, metal, concrete, stone, plastic, hospital beds, bathrooms, and many other high-touch areas with only using tap water.

Healthcare acquired infections (HAI) is a $35 billion dollar annual problem in the USA and is the leading cause of healthcare deaths ( The solution, recommended by CDC, is proper hygiene and a well-supervised cleaning process – and a mop and bucket cleaning system is not the answer.

Super-heated steam is actually recognized by the CDC for disinfection.

With the standard mop-and-bucket cleaning process, germs are literally spread around, cross-contaminating areas. Steamvac systems kill and extract germs and bacteria simultaneously, leaving nearly any surface clean, sanitized, and dry in one motion. Candida auris has been allowed to sustain and develop because of improper cleaning in the healthcare industry and the solution is simple, efficient, and easy to use. 

“Scientists say that unless more effective new medicines are developed and unnecessary use of antimicrobial drugs is sharply curbed, risk will spread to healthier populations. A study the British government funded projects that if policies are not put in place to slow the rise of drug resistance, 10 million people could die worldwide of all such infections in 2050, eclipsing the eight million expected to die that year from cancer.”*

Steamvac cleaning is an incredible green solution, relying solely on regular tap water, heat & pressure technology to disinfect and sanitize.

While the initial investment price of a steam vacuum machine is higher than a bottle of chemical cleaner, the long-run cost savings is significant – in addition to actually being able to destroy the well-armored, drug-resistant killer fungus, Candida auris.