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Cleaning and Sanitation of Gyms, Spas, and Wellness Centers

Fall Line Fitness uses the Power of Steam to Disinfect Gym

Cleanliness and well-being are must haves for people who want to relax and regenerate both physically and mentally. Proper sanitation of gyms, wellness centers, or swimming pools is needed to prevent the proliferation and spread of viruses and bacteria. These highly frequented places are subject to dirt accumulation and the risk of transmitting microbes and germs. With the constant use of fitness machines and spa services, cleanliness is important to prevent the spread of germs and contamination, and to protect the health of both guests and staff.

Going to the Wellness Center is a Healthy Choice

Visiting spas and wellness centers is important for our overall health and well being. Cleanliness is appreciated by those who spend money at spas and wellness centers. There are many germs and pollutants that are introduced by visitors to wellness centers and gyms. Having a cleaning and sanitation plan in place is recommended for these types of high-traffic, consumer-based businesses.

Hygienic problems can be prevented in places that have many people coming and going, especially in entry areas or common areas such as a sauna or Turkish baths. A Turkish bath needs much lower temperatures than the sauna to operate. These lower temperatures allow bacteria and molds to grow. Usually the inner areas of the Turkish baths are made of tiled surfaces, steel, or glass, which can be germ magnets.

Increase Gym Memberships by Offering Chemical-Free Sanitation

Set yourself apart from the corner gym by offering chemical-free, green-cleaning and sanitation procedures that kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria. No one wants to smell sweat or stuffy air when they enter the gym. Thousands of people go to fitness clubs, dance schools, and gyms every day. Keeping these places clean and sanitized is key. A proper sanitation routine of these high-attendance environments includes cleaning and sanitizing lockers, the facilities, common areas, plus equipment and machinery. This is all done in a natural way, without using toxic detergents or chemicals, when using our cleaning machines.   

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Set yourself apart from the competition by offering a clean and sanitized gym that’s chemical free!