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Steam-Vacuums Keep Your Pet-Friendly Home Clean & Odor Free

Vacuuming and disinfecting with steam creates a chemical-free environment that helps control common pests, safeguards against dangerous parasites, and eliminates pet odors.  For a clean and safe home for you, your family and your pets, nothing compares to the power of steam-vacuum cleaning systems.

Steam vacuum machines will also benefit kennel operators by reducing kennel acquired infections and diseases because steam kills 99.9% of germs, bacteria and virus on contact.  Plus you’ll save money by not buying chemicals and reduce the number of chemical bottles tossed out weekly.

Ordinary tap water is converted into a dry vapor steam and with the help of its different tools, US SteamVac’s steam cleaners with extraction function are capable of reaching germs, viruses, bacteria, mold and mildew in the smallest cracks and crevices where chemical-based cleaners cannot reach because most of these chemical-based cleaners are only effective on the surfaces we can see.

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Home away from home.

Boarding kennels are built to provide a safe and comfortable second home for dogs. Vets and owners should provide a safe and healthy environment by keeping its facility clean. Kennels including corridors, can use steam-vacuums to keep common areas and kitchens clean, dry and free from dirt and dust so that disease control is maintained. US SteamVac makes regular cleaning and disinfecting is simple and helps to control bacteria, viruses and parasites transmission.

In cleaning, great care should be taken especially when disinfecting kennels and vet surfaces. Using chemical-based cleaners can be dangerous to users and dogs as well because of the residue it leaves behind after cleaning. Chemical-based cleaners cannot penetrate cracks and crevices where germs, molds and mildew live and breed. Furthermore, mops tend to spread germs and leave the floors wet and slippery.   SPVac® Technology (steam-pressure-vacuum) disinfects with steam and pressure, removes moisture and debris with the vacuum, and reduces reintroducing germs into the air by using a water and HEPA filtration system.

Steam-vacuum cleaning systems benefit you and your pets in many ways, such as:

  • Reduce Odors and Stains Steam and vacuuming at the same time can reduce pet stains while disinfecting which greatly reduces pet odors.
  • Safely Clean Large Area Rugs – Many traditional carpet cleaners require getting the rug extremely wet during the cleaning process, which not only takes longer to dry, but can also damage wood flooring under the rug. With the right steam-vac settings, you can easily steam clean your rugs and carpets without needing to completely saturate them with water, getting them sopping wet – which could ruin your hardwood floors underneath.
  • Avoid Toxic Chemicals – Recent studies have shown that our pets suffer adverse health effects from the harsh cleaning chemicals found in most homes. Steam cleaning is a great way to cut back or total eliminate harsh chemical cleaners.
  • Remove Paw Prints – It’s a dirty world, and our pets bring it inside sometimes. Quickly steam clean away those muddy dog paw prints while also vacuuming up rogue kitty litter.
  • Clean and Dry Everything With One Machine – With a steam vacuum all-in-one machine, you can easily go from steam cleaning tiled floors and hardwood floors to vacuuming up dog hair on carpet – with a single machine.
  • Save Time (for more play time!) – Toss the stinky vacuum cleaner, the gross mop and bucket, and the useless steam mop.  Don’t waste time swapping machines, then going back over the same area. You’ll never need to sweep before mopping again – it’s an all-in-one machine, making cleaning more efficient with a single motion.
  • Save Money – Between vacuum cleaner replacements bags and filters, the cost of all of those single-purpose chemicals, replacement mop heads, and the large cost of replacing machines when they break, switching to a steam vacuum all-in-one system that runs purely on tap water can save you a ton of cash in the long run. Can you say ‘More treats, please’?
  • Great for Bird Owners, Too – If you prefer your pets with feathers instead of fur, a steam vacuum system is great for cleaning up after indoor birds, too. Bird owners, here’s what the experts say at “If you have a bird that manages to get food into toy and cage crevices, [steam-vac] is a great method of cleaning. The hot steam gets into places that can’t always be reached with cleaning tools. It’s perfect for cleaning play gyms and porous perches. It kills mold and fungus too.

Watch the power of steam cleaning in action.

The SteamMatic multi-purpose machine can clean almost every surface in your house, safely and quickly. Whether you own a large dog that frequently sheds or multiple cats that leave paw prints on your vehicles and counter tops, the SteamMatic is a fantastic chemical-free cleaning tool for any pet-lover’s home.

Learn more about SteamMatic steam & vacuum all-in-one cleaning machine.

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 Want to Control and Eliminate Fleas Safely? Use Steam!

Fleas have been making life miserable for pets and people long before there were pets and people — all the way back to the time of the dinosaurs.

These wingless parasites attach themselves to a host animal and suck their blood, causing itching, scratching and inflammation. Throughout history, fleas are also associated with transmitting diseases.

Once a pet or home has become infected with fleas, there are a number of treatment options, including potentially harsh chemicals and pesticides. One option that is both environmentally safe and extremely effective is super-heated steam.

The website FleaScience, a repository for “the most accurate flea control information possible,” posted this:

 Steam Cleaning Kills all Flea Stages

Steam cleaning will kill fleas in the environment. It’s a useful technique for eliminating fleas deep within carpets, as well as other hard-to-reach areas, such as in and around furniture. Steam cleaners, and other water-based carpet cleaners, are more effective than vacuums at removing debris. Likewise, they’re superior at removing and destroying fleas at all stages, from egg to adult. . .The high temperature of steam is lethal to fleas. They can’t survive extreme temperatures.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) concurs that a combination of vacuuming and steam cleaning can “prevent, reduce or eliminate flea infestations,” noting that “the hot steam and soap can kill fleas in all stages of the life cycle.

According to the University of Florida Extension Service:

Vacuuming will not eliminate flea populations, but will help keep them reduced. Vacuums remove eggs, larvae, adults, and flea dirt, but not pupae, which stick to the carpet fibers. Steam cleaners are usually more effective.”

The SteamMatic is the perfect kennels as well as home care cleaning machine and it achieves steam temperatures far in excess of what is needed to kill and control fleas and other household pests.  Keep pets happy and surroundings environmentally safe, by harnessing the incredible, natural power of steam.