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Maintain ALL property assets and the environment too with natural steam

Whether cleaning a yacht, cottage, hotel, store, or apartment complex, careful cleaning of your properties assets can enhance your image as a professional service provider. This is easy to do with US SteamVac cleaning systemsThanks to combined work steps, you can save a great deal of cleaning time with our innovative devices. That’s right – trade in your mop and bucket, broom, vacuum, and chemicals for one ultimate cleaning machine.  US SteamVac cleaning systems work with just water and without the use of harsh chemicals leaving behind clean floors and surfaces. The professional US SteamVac cleaner leaves a clean impression of your for all your clients – high end or down to earth.

The BlueEvolution S + stainless steel and BlueEvolution XL + stainless steel steam extractors work with dry steam and simultaneous extraction, thus ensuring dry floors.

Hard-to-reach places in your yacht, workshop, homes, in showroom, or on construction sites are often a problem when cleaning. With the variable attachments that the our systems offer it makes reaching these areas a breeze. The replaceable attachments help to clean tiles, joints, or floors thoroughly and in record time.

Clean floors, stairs, step ladders and climbing systems from stubborn, sticky or liquid soiling with US SteamVac steam cleaning systems.  This helps promote work environment safety.

With dry steam and simultaneous extraction, our cleaning systems gently dissolve dirt and grime. After building plumbing or tiling work, clean the building site completely from dust, cement haze, or other building rubble.

With steam and vacuum systems you can clean all surfaces quickly and without the use of chemical cleaning agents. Our SPVac Technology cleans various materials such as plastic, glass, or wood quickly and without residue. It can even clean sensitive materials such as solar panels.