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Covid-19 Cleaning

Air Purifier to Fight Covid-19

Electrostatic Janitorial

Air Purifier Videos

Air Purifier – How to Open, Use & Care

Purifier Improves Indoor Air Quality

Air Purifier Testimonial

ATP and Ultra Snap – Cleaning Verification System

ATP Meter – How to Use

Setting ATP Pass & Fail Limits

Ultra Snap – How to Use

EnSURE™ Touch

Powering & Charging

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Setting up Location

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EnSURE™ Touch Calibration

Steam Vac Application Videos

Steam Clean Persian Rugs

How to Clean Rock Floors

How to clean without a mop

Our cleaning systems kill Candida auris without chemicals!

Clean, sanitize and dry conveyor belts for bakeries, candy factories, and seafood processing.  BlueEvolution XL+

Clean & Sanitize Wineries or Breweries without chemicals

SteamMatic – The Disinfector Steam-Pressure-Vacuum All-in-One Cleaning Machine

How to remove tree sap from a camper roof.

BlueEvolution S+ 99.9% germ killer & UVC light for germ free waste disposal

SteamPro – Commercial Steam Cleaner with Wet/Dry Vac

Indepth video highlighting SPVac®: Steam-Pressure-Vacuum. (>7 min video)

Adjustable steam to safely clean newly restored hardwood floors that are over 60-years old!